Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner Model NV450

The Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV450 is a lighter version of the previously reviewed NV 502 Shark vacuum. It is just as maneuverable and can get at those hard to reach places. It has all the outstanding features of the other Shark vacuum cleaners except as noted below.
The major differnce between these vacuums is that this model does not have the three in one feature. In other words it is a bagless, cannister vacuum only and has no lift away ability. So cleaning shelves and fan blades, etc is not possible with the model 450. However, this does not take away from its ability to immaculately vacuum clean all floor surfaces and carpets.

Shark NV 450 vacuum
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Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV450 Features

- Enhanced Swivel Steering: Easily maneuver vacuum into corners and along tough base board areas.
- Longer Reach: Extra long stretch hose for the areas that are difficult to reach.
- Complete Seal Anti-Allergen Filter: Successfully filters 99.9% of dust and allergens with sealed HEPA filter housing.
- Brush Roll Control: Easily control the brush roll feature for seamless vacuuming between carpet and hardwood floors.
- No Suction Loss Technology: vacuum can move from surface to surface without the loss of suction.

Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV450 Reviews

There were 52 reviews. Thirty-eight of them or 73% were 5 star. Excerpts of the reviews are below. If you wish to read more and full reviews just Click here .

First excerpts from the 5 star reviews.
5 Star
First thing I noticed was the lightness of the Shark. It is so easy to maneuver (even for us weaklings!) The suction was fantastic and the dirt it picked up was lets say – more than embarassing. All the attachments were easy to use and emptying the canister. All the filters worked magnificently & since it was my first time using it I washed the filters which were horrifyingly filthy. They came out clean, dried easily, & popped esily back into place ready for the next times use. I love it! A very smart purchase for anyone.

Over the years, and there are many, I believe I have owned every vacuum out there. Believed all the adds about the power, the ease , and durability of theses other brand name vacuums and have always been so disappointed. After all the thousands of dollars I went through trying to find “the vacuum” that performed the way it was demonstrated but never did I was about to give up. Then I saw the Shark Rotator. I knew the Shark name but never owned one and felt I would give it one last try. I have never been more amazed than with this machine.. Its great. The suction , the way it handles and the ease of taking it out and putting it away.I am so happy to say that my Shark Rotator Powerlight is the last vacuum I will ever have to purchase.. Thank You Shark.

Let me start by saying I currently own a Dyson pet hair vacuum. I literally just took my new Shark Rotator out of the box started vacuuming and I am just taking a break to write this review. My new Shark Rotator puts the Dyson to shame. I thought my Dyson was doing a good job of cleaning my floors. I am embarrased at how dirty my carpets still were. The Shark Rotator is picking up dirt and pet hair that have been in my carpet for I don’t know how long. While I have been writing this review, my husband who works from home, stole the vacuum and all I can hear is the hum of the vacuum and him saying “This thing is crazy good” Dont spend all that money on the Dyson when you can have a vacuum that is far better at cleaning and much less expensive.

4 Star
I love the power of this machine. The one thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was the fact that the cord is way too short. I do not like to unplug and plug in again in every room.

3 Star
I’ve owned several shark vacuums & loved them all. With 3 dogs & a cat, I murder vacuums, but sharks seem to last longer than other brands.
But this model – despite all the hype, is the worst by far! After vacuuming, the teeny, tiny canister was only half full. My other shark (with a bigger canister) would have been full.
As for cleaning pet hair off of couches? Forget it! And when I used it on tile, I had to go over the area 2 and 3 times to get it to pick up the crumbs.
Note: I think she might have gotten a bad vacuum cleaner? Or maybe it’s clogged? Anyway all owners were not happy with the unit, but the majority were delighted.

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Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional 3-in-1 Vacuum Model NV502

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional 3-in-1 Vacuum – Model NV502 is the next generation in lightweight, powerful, no loss of suction vacuums. The rotator is a member of a premium vacuum line enhanced with swivel steering, headlights, ergonomic design & Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away vacuum is the solution for all of your vacuum cleaning needs. It is engineered to provide powerful multi-surface cleaning, pet hair removal and the versatility to access hard to reach places.
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Features of the Shark Rotator Lift-Away model NV502

Never Loses Suction
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™
Enhanced Swivel Steering
Superior Multi-Surface Cleaning with Brushroll Control
Specialized Tools Perfect for Pet Owners
Ultra-Quiet Operation
3 Vacs-in-One: Powerful upright, Lift-Away pod, Convenient canister

Lifetime Belt and Filters

With all these great features, it’s no wonder that this model appears so much on TV and there is such a strong demand for it.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional 3-in-1 Vacuum – Model NV502 Reviews

There were 10 customer reviews: 7 5 star(70%), 1 4 star, and 2 2 star. Some excerpts of the reviews are below. If you wish to review the remaining ones Click here .
5 Star
First of all, Dyson is my arch – nemesis. I have four different Dyson models because my husband apparently went through a pretentious phase. As I would complain about one Dyson, he would go buy a different model. Our house is mostly hardwood floors with a very expensive area rug that is a pain to vacuum. When I would break out the Dysons to vacuum this living room rug, my daughter would know to leave the room because colorful language would be coming. The Dysons either would not pick up dirt, just blow it around or the rotator brush would shut off. Annoying! I could go on and on but I won’t.
We bought this Shark and are you ready for this? It does what it claims!!! It vacuums the rug. It vacuums the hardwood floor. It gets the parrot’s bird feathers. It gets the cat hair. It gets the dog hair. It gets the litter that my naughty cat kicks out of the box. It gets the thick carpet in the bedrooms. It gets those hamster looking fuzz clumps that hide under the couch and in the corners. (Wait was I missing a hamster?)
Because of this we have dubbed this the true SHARKNADO and named it Leonard in honor of the Big Bang Theory. We have introduced Leonard to friends and they have already bought their own. Thank you Shark!!!!!

Cons; Can tip over if you’re using the wand
No onboard storage of all those attachments, but you get a bag to throw them in, just don’t forget where you put it…
I would prefer if the engineers would have put the power button and the roller switch on the handle not really a con but a preference…
Pros; Multi-configuable use for all types of cleaning…
Combs carpet really well, dug up stuff my Hoover left behind…
My 3 year old uses it well.
Easy Maintenance and cleaning..
I have not noticed any blow by dust which collected around the outside of my Hoover’s Hepa Filter…
Headlights actually light up dark areas..
The hose is easy to inspect for items that my get lodged in it…
Auto lock Mechanism instead of a locking foot pedal, just put your foot on it a pull back and it takes off across the floor
Free Steam Mop came with it…
I don’t need an extra Vac to clean out my car I got the option Computer/Car Vac Hose kit…
Liftaway Options..
Lifetime Warranty Option..
*All the filters are washable-there’s nothing else to buy-ever…

Let me just start of by saying this — BEST. VACUUM. EVER. If I had to chose between this vacuum and my husband, he seriously might lose. The Shark Rotator simplifies my life a lot more than he does. Right off the bat, I was happy about the easy assembly. While the amount of pieces seemed intimidating at first, most of them are attachments. The main appendages snapped together in just a few easy steps. No tools required.
Once complete the Shark Rotator offers a wide range of options. You can use it as an upright vacuum for a quick run around the living room or switch to a canister for more detailed cleaning. The variety of attachments, tubes, and nozzles allowed access to all areas of the home. With the detachable lightweight base, even the steps are a breeze.

Note: The Cons listed above pretty much outline the faults that the 2 star reviewers found unacceptable with the Shark NV502.
With all the 5 star ratings one can conclude that the owners of this vacuum were greatly impressed by its abilities to vacuum clean their homes.

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